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25 Apr, 2015 | Inspiration, Spirituality | Written by kristenmoeller

This coming weekend, nine women will gather at my burned out property to explore what it means to be a writer, why they feel called, what they want to say to the world – and why they may never get their message from their hearts to paper.  We will explore the dark nooks and cr…

24 Apr, 2015 | Mind, Personal Growth | Written by Lorraine Pursell

Just that you are able to inhale and exhale means that you are meant to be on the planet at this place in time, that you have a purpose and that you have a mission. Now, locating that purpose and mission can be sometimes challenging, especially when the mundane consumes so much of o…

23 Apr, 2015 | Spirituality, Wellbeing | Written by Alana Foy

I believe that practicing gratitude is one of the most powerful tools we can utilize to transform our lives and live a life filled with abundance.
For me, gratitude isn’t about merely developing an, “attitude of gratitude”.  It’s a fundamental practice that kee…

22 Apr, 2015 | Happiness, Wellbeing | Written by michellephillips

As a makeup artist, I’ve made a career out of working with both celebrities and people from all walks of life. It has been my job to help people look their best before appearances on TV, film, and the stage. As I worked to get my clients “camera-ready,” I began to notice a con…

21 Apr, 2015 | Happiness, Mind | Written by Joelene Ashker

As I took off my lovely new dress tonight I noticed the tag was on the front of it.  I thought, “This is odd. Tags are usually on the back of garments.”   I hesitated and then laughed out loud when I realized what had happened.  Wait a minute. When I tried the dress on in t…

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