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19 Apr, 2014 | Inspiration, Mind | Written by scottdinsmore
“A company is not like a family. It is a family.” – Simon Sinek
Last week while at the TED Active conference, I heard Simon Sinek speak these words during his talk on leadership. The talk hasn’t been published yet, but it did kick off the inspiration for today’s po…
18 Apr, 2014 | Mind, Relationships | Written by Rhonee Herring

Memories are made of this. I remember that song. Do you?
Today marks some significant memories and reminders in my own life journey.
It marks the most special day in my life that we all cherish… that wedding day. A day of love and celebration of two hearts joined with promise. T…

17 Apr, 2014 | Mind, Wellbeing | Written by Eric Rolf

The human body is an extraordinary, beautiful, multi-level, highly complex event.
For as much as we know about its mechanical functions, there is still much more that we don’t know, even in that one limited level or manner of perceiving the body. Science generally lim…

16 Apr, 2014 | Happiness, Wellbeing | Written by Oksana Sawiak

All chronic and degenerative disease,- including obesity, heart disease, cancer, hypertension, Alzheimer’s, arthritis and MS,- has its roots in infection, inflammation and toxicity.
When these infections are hidden in your jaws, where dentistry medicine and x-ray…

15 Apr, 2014 | Happiness, Relationships | Written by philipathornton

In every important relationship, husband, wife, lover, mother, father there is a powerful need for security, the sense of safety in knowing your significant other will be there for you.
It’s the sense that in the inevitable good and bad times your partner will get in the tre…

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