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23 Sep, 2014 | Happiness, Wellbeing | Written by drdarlenemininni

What’s A Telomere?

When you’re stressed—whether it’s with financial woes, relationship struggles or job problems—not only do your co-workers and friends know it, your body knows it too, all the way down to the tiny tips at the end of your chromosomes.
Those tip…
22 Sep, 2014 | Happiness, Wellbeing | Written by melissacostello

Well, I recently went to the Doctor to get my annual check up and I had some blood work done to be certain all my systems were in check! As a vegetarian, I wanted to make sure my cholesterol, my protein, my iron, all of my nutritional systems were running up to par. Well, everything c…

21 Sep, 2014 | Inspiration, Wellbeing | Written by scottdinsmore
“I would do something different if I only knew what to do.”
This seems to be one of the most common challenges keeping people from pursing work that matters. I hear it waaay too often.
And it’s especially common for the new members of the Live Your Legend community jus…
20 Sep, 2014 | Personal Growth, Wellbeing | Written by Rhonee Herring

What do I mean by ‘right before your very eyes’?
What you see is a major influencing factor… in fact, it sets the stage for how you feel and what you feel and subsequently think.
Think about it, look around you. What does your personal space, your room, your closet, your war…

19 Sep, 2014 | Inspiration, Wellbeing | Written by kathrynbudig

I have 4 major genres in my life that make my world go round: love (both romantic and platonic), work (the struggle is real), yoga (I know, total shocker), and last but not least—FOOD.

I simply adore food. I love to eat, cook, explore restaurants, try different cuisines aroun…
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