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30 Aug, 2014 | Mind, Spirituality | Written by elenabrower

For most of my life I knew that conforming was not ideal. Creativity and vision are ideal. But in asana practice, I’m learning that there are archetypes that help us stay internally spacious, buoyant, and healthy. I began studying with Nevine and Abbie at Katonah Yoga…

29 Aug, 2014 | Inspiration, Personal Growth | Written by michellephillips

Holding on to a false sense of security often lures women away from the challenge of embracing their fears. Traditionally, men are the risk takers—they’re encouraged to play hard, get dirty, and try new things. Women, on the other hand, typically grow up with messages ab…

28 Aug, 2014 | Personal Growth, Wellbeing | Written by jordanajaffe

I’ve been speaking with a lot of women recently who are thinking about working with a business coach. They’re either in the beginning stages of entrepreneurship or they’re ready to take their business to the next level. Either way, there’s one t…

27 Aug, 2014 | Inspiration, Personal Growth | Written by christinearylo
Watch this video and get one of our secret tools for getting more done while having more fun, and then state what burden you will release this summer to make room for more fun for yourself!
One thing that is true about my bff Shiloh Sophia McCloud and I is that we create alot. We reac

26 Aug, 2014 | Mind, Personal Growth | Written by jessicastead

Like a bird swooping, soaring, or coming to rest on your shoulder, grief comes and goes and changes its form. Grief can feel like a big black crow; its dark weight moving with you through the day. It can feel like it knows no bounds, like an eagle soaring and dipping. Yet at other ti…

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