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26 May, 2015 | Inspiration, Mind | Written by chelsealogan

There’s a certain magic that happens you make the commitment to succeed. Your skin gets a little tougher, you discover strength you didn’t know you had, and the resources you need start to serendipitously show up in your life. That’s the power of commitme…

25 May, 2015 | Happiness, Relationships | Written by christinearylo

You’ve been told your whole life to be a good friend to others – but what about being a good friend to yourself? After all you are the only person that is with you from the time you are born to the day you die — so it seems like it would be a good idea to be a good friend to yourself.

24 May, 2015 | Spirituality, Wellbeing | Written by kristenmoeller

My new book just came out – and yes, it’s a continuation in the exploration of why – and how – we wait in life.  You might think that after writing my first book (Waiting for Jack), and delving into the topic for so many years that I might have handle on this th…

23 May, 2015 | Happiness, Relationships | Written by Lorraine Pursell

Maybe you have heard The Happy Song by Pharrell Williams? Well, by all means, look up the video on Youtube (I’d include the link, but I think David would edit it out). Wow. Every time I see the video, I start dancing! Isn’t it interesting how a song can instantly lift our spiri…

22 May, 2015 | Relationships, Spirituality | Written by Alana Foy

One thing I’ve learned along this path is that it is crucial to be in alignment with my truth and that in order to experience the kind of abundance, joy and freedom I want, requires that I take total responsibility for how I’m showing up in the world.
Taking total responsibil…

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