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21 Dec, 2014 | Inspiration, Personal Growth | Written by drdarlenemininni

Have you ever wanted to give up on something that you really, really wanted because it was just too darn hard to keep trying?

You can’t run one more step, write one more word, endure one more dead end? Join the club.
Can I Sit Down Now?
But, before you throw in the towel, there…
20 Dec, 2014 | Inspiration, Wellbeing | Written by melissacostello

Veganism is a word that often scares people and why wouldn’t it? Most people think a vegan diet is bland, lacking flavor, variety and most importantly,PROTEIN!

But these thoughts couldn’t be further from the truth.
Being a vegetarian myself for many, many year

19 Dec, 2014 | Inspiration, Personal Growth | Written by joannagarzilli

The time I have wasted broke my heart because I was the one who wasted it. I hope this video inspires you to stop wasting time like I did.

When I worked in TV production for MTV, I did long hours. I’ve always had a passion for TV but the popular TV show I was working didn’t make me fe…

18 Dec, 2014 | Happiness, Wellbeing | Written by scottdinsmore

I wonder if I can live to be 100, and enjoy every year of it? I think it might be possible. Very possible. What about you? With all the guidance regarding longevity, diet and simple living, I have a strong feeling that some of us will live a lot longer than people give us credit for …

17 Dec, 2014 | Inspiration, Wellbeing | Written by Rhonee Herring

Each day I am blessed to have the time and opportunity to read my emails… most are inspirational… for I really need the outside perspective that fuels my soul.
As I live in this time of challenge, change and transition every ounce of encouragement is food for my soul.
Today I…

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