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27 Feb, 2015 | Happiness, Inspiration | Written by elenabrower

The greatest accomplishments of our time began with a thought, an idea – a dream. Your dream is your VISION, your ideal for any area of your life. Deliberately crafting and drafting your dream is a distinct privilege of being human.
We align ourselves with our deepest desi…

26 Feb, 2015 | Mind, Personal Growth | Written by christinearylo

What if you could give up negative self-talk? Watch this self-love divine spark for your heart

Here’s the straight self-love truth..
Just like giving up any negative toxic habit – like biting your finger nails, smoking, or eating junk food – you can CHOOSE to not be a neg…

25 Feb, 2015 | Inspiration, Mind | Written by kristenmoeller

Legacy is a big word. When I speak about legacy, the two most frequent questions are – “What is it?” and ‘Why is it important?”
Legacy is usually viewed as what is left behind, often in monetary terms: a wing of a hospital, a generous bequeath once someone has died…

24 Feb, 2015 | Inspiration, Personal Growth | Written by jessicastead

So the new year has started and you are meant to be revved up and inspired by all the exciting opportunities that await you…but what if you are stuck in the dreaded ‘waiting place’?
What if you don’t quite know what you want to do with your life this year, don’t have any c…

23 Feb, 2015 | Inspiration, Wellbeing | Written by michellephillips

Who doesn’t love watching the award shows? The celebs all dressed up in stunning gowns looking absolutely radiant with their glowing skin.
It’s mind blowing to see many of the same celebrities year after looking as if they haven’t aged, in fact they appear to be looking…

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