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20 Oct, 2014 | Happiness, Wellbeing | Written by melissacostello

Sugar, yes you know it, it’s gooey, it’s sweet, it’s addictive. It’s what makes our pastries yummy, and our cookies crisp.
When working with new clients I always ask them what their biggest food vice is, and the answer is always, you got it;  Sugar!
It’s next to imp…
19 Oct, 2014 | Inspiration, Personal Growth | Written by scottdinsmore

“Regret is what you should fear the most. If something is going to keep you awake at night, let it be the fear of not following your dream.”

- Chris Guillebeau…

The Endless Pursuit of What Matters…
As I write this, I’m wearing a Live Your Legend t-shirt. The back of it says

18 Oct, 2014 | Inspiration, Wellbeing | Written by Rhonee Herring

We are all being told each and everyday that we have to feel – whatever it is that we want to achieve, accomplish or experience.
With over thirty years in the field of energy clearing, custom home design and space planning I have a unique frame of reference for feeling … from t…

17 Oct, 2014 | Inspiration, Wellbeing | Written by kathrynbudig

I always thought vertigo was for Mel Brooks and Hitchcock headliners.
Turns out, a major con from getting on several planes a month can result in an inner ear infection resulting in some trippy vertigo. I’ve been doing the vertigo-tango for about a week now, and it has seriou…

16 Oct, 2014 | Happiness, Relationships | Written by philipathornton

Many couples coming to therapy at Marriage Works relationship practice are suffering from disappointment and resentments in their relationships. In part this is due to their inaction with dealing with the issues head on.
This holding pattern can go on for many years, simme…

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